** Test Only ** Used Boat Finance

Used Boat Finance

It’s time. You are ready to get out on the water, and have found yourself the perfect boat.

Being used she might need a little clean-up, but you are happy to make it happen because you have managed to get a bargain. Now, you need to sort the finance, and quickly, so you don’t miss out!

We don’t want you having to worry about the stress and burden in dealing with long, complicated lending processes, which have extended waiting and approval periods. When shopping for a used boat you want to get it into the water as fast as possible before it potentially is sold to another party. There is nothing worse than falling in love with a fantastic second-hand boat or watercraft and watching it drive away because you couldn’t secure finance fast enough!

That’s why our aim at 360 Boat Finance is to get you boat loan underway as fast as humanly possible. With streamlined, efficient and most importantly simple boat loans, you can enjoy being out on your new, used boat, rather than patiently waiting with other drawn out lending applications.

With 360 Boat Finance on your side you can choose from over 30 powerful lenders to make sure you get exactly the loan for you.  We understand the boat finance industry and know how to help you navigate the waters for the best deal. Unlike dealing directly with a range of lenders, we’re on your team and always fight for the best rate for you, not the greatest profit margin!

Applying For A Used Boat Loan Is Easy!

Whether you are just starting your search for a used boat or have already found the one of your dreams, being able to make a quick decision on a boat gives you bargaining power.

Don’t let a lack of finance hold you back from enjoying a lifestyle on the water. 360 Boat Finance can process your entire application online in as little as 4 hours and even offers same-day settlement to get you on the water sooner!

With no deposit, interest rates starting at just 5.47% (6.95%* comparison rate) and flexible loan terms from 12 months to 7 years, we really do have a solution for everyone. You can even make use of our boat finance calculator to estimate your monthly repayments ahead of time.

  • Interest rates from 5.47% (6.95%* comparison rate)
  • No deposit required
  • Online application and approval available
  • Approvals in as little as 4 hours and same-day settlements
  • Guaranteed to beat any written quote
  • Loan terms from 1 to 7 years
  • Finance available for amounts of $5,000 upwards

Used boats and other forms of used watercrafts come in a range of prices, which is why we offer versatile finance amounts from $5,000 and upwards. Instead of some finance lenders that set restrictions set on the minimum and maximum amount you can borrow, which narrows your overall selection in the used boat market.

Advantages Of Buying a Used Boat

Your boat is available immediately! You climb on board and get to test drive (or sail) the vehicle you are actually going to take home when the deal is done.

If you enjoy spending time on your weekends working on your boat, you can add your personal touches to a used one. Making changes to a new one voids the warranty.

There is less depreciation. Just like cars, the largest portion of a boats depreciation occurs in the first few years, buying used means your boat will hold its purchase value longer.

With our extensive range of lending partnerships, we have an exhaustive list of resources that ensures we secure you the best, and only the best, interest rate deal for your used boat.

Our dedicated staff love nothing more than making certain you are 100% satisfied with your individual finance package, which fits your terms and requirements, at an interest rate you won’t find anywhere else. You only have to look at the interest rate comparisons* on the market, to see how much we can save you over the life of your new boat loan. Don’t lock yourself into an interest rate that doesn’t work hard for you!

Deal with Used Boat Loan Experts

360 Boat Finance has been arranging the most advantageous finance packages for clients and their new boat loans for almost a decade, so when looking for the best, save time and make us your first point of contact for boat finance.

We want you exploring exciting new waters and trying to reel in that big catch or spending quality time renovating your new, used boat today and not tomorrow. Many lenders require some type of deposit as part of their finance approval criteria, which depending on your circumstances may hinder the prospect of obtaining a boat loan.

That’s why with 360 Boat Finance, not only do we offer attractive low interest rates, but we also don’t ask for a deposit when you’re applying for financing.

You have enough to think about when trying out used boats than to worry about how much you have saved and if it will be a contributing factor in getting your finance approved. We understand this which is why this is just another benefit when working with 360 Boat Finance.

On a rare occasion you do find an interest rate offer lower than what we provided, come to us with the quote and we will beat it; it’s that simple.

Quick, Easy Used Boat Financing

In order to make it easy for you, forget having to make multiple trips down to the office or waiting in line at the post office, because we provide a full online application and approval process. Don’t use lenders who force deposit restrictions with boat financing, when we are here to get you off land as fast as possible. We know you have better things to do with your time than make long commutes, so we make it a snap to log in and review your contract options or gain initial approval at your home or office, at any time.

This allows you to pounce on that used boat of choice as soon as possible, without having to wait for contracts to be delivered or signed in person.

Being in the business of providing outstanding service and quality finance packages for nearly a decade, we at 360 Boat Finance have streamlined our lending process to offer you the fastest turn around approval speeds possible.

With approval in as little as 4 hours and the capability to provide same-day settlements, you never have to fear someone snagging that perfect used boat you had your eye on, while you wait for confirmation on your used boat finance.

No other finance broker has the powerful backing that we do at 360 Boat Finance, which is why we guarantee to beat any competing lender or broker written quote.

Our utmost goal is to be your number one boat loan specialist who offers the lowest interest rate to save you money, regardless of the used boat or watercraft financing you’re after. Some lending services only offer loan term periods that fit their motivations in attaining the highest profit margins, locking you in for longer than required. We only provide flexible, lending periods, between 12 months to 7 years, which provides you plenty of choice in selecting a contract that fits best for you, and not the lender’s bottom line.

Lowest Rate Guarantee

The strong relationships we have built with over 30 of the leading bank and non-bank lenders means that you get the best rates available on your purchases.
It’s harder to enjoy spending time on your new, used boat, knowing you are locked into to an inferior interest rate. Don’t let that be a concern for you, when we are here to provide superior interest rate packages.
We are so confident that we can get you the best deal; we offer a guarantee to beat any written quote!* This provides total peace of mind in knowing you secured the lowest interest rate possible on the market, letting you concentrate on the joys of enjoying the activities a new boat provides.

Finance For A Range Of Watercraft

With such a great range of options to choose from, you can finance virtually any form of boat or jet ski online today, easy!

  • Jet Skis
  • Ski Boats
  • Sail Boats
  • Yachts’/Catamarans
  • Speedboats
  • Fishing Boats
  • Tender Boats
Please feel free to utilise our boat loan calculator to assist you in budgeting towards your new, used boat. It is a great tool to explore different budgets and repayment options. This allows you to be confident in the finance solution you choose when you’re ready for us to secure the lowest interest rate deal on your behalf.

* Because every situation is different, exact rates may vary. Any change will be clearly communicated during the approval process. Different amounts and terms will result in different comparison rates.